PhysicsBowl is a fun team-based and individual competition.  Students can compete against students from all over the world in two divisions based on current level of physics coursework.  I'm not sure if there will be physical prizes as there have been in the past, but it has always mainly been a bragging rights competition, and winners will be posted on the AAPT site in April/May.  The contest will be held in person on Monday, March 18th Thursday, April 4th during 3rd hour 9:55 - 10:50 (D-day, period 3) in Room 118 (new science wing)To register, you must give me cash or check payment by Thursday, February 8th (which is also the day of the F=ma contest, so you can give it to me there if you are participating).  Also, fill out the form on this website below.  Continue reading for more details if you are still interested.  

What is the PhysicsBowl contest?

The PhysicsBowl contest is a fast-paced, 40-question, 45-minute, multiple-choice test.  Exam questions are based on topics and concepts covered in a typical high school physics course. To enhance the distribution of awards, Division 1 is for first-year physics students and Division 2 is for second-year physics students.  In the past, first-year physics students who would like to challenge themselves can sign up to take the Division 2 test, and I assume that will still be the case this year.  

There are awards for high-scoring individuals in each division.  Additionally, there are school-based awards based on the combined score of the top 5 students in each division.  South has always done really well, many times beating our nearby rival!  Please help the team by participating this year!  The more people who participate, the greater chance we do well as a school.

For more information on PhysicsBowl, check out the AAPT's PhysicsBowl site.  

Registration Details

In order to participate in this year's contest, you must fill out the registration form below and send a check to the school.

2024 PhysicsBowl Contest Registration Form

The fee for this year's contest is $10.  (The per-student fee has increased since last year.)

You may pay in CASH - exact change only (no coins accepted) or by CHECK made out to WWPHSS with student's name and "PhysicsBowl" in the memo.  Put your payment in an envelope with your name and "PhysicsBowl" on it.  Give your money directly to me - Mrs. Fortunato; do NOT give it to someone else to give to me, and definitely do NOT leave it in my mailbox.  I am usually in my classroom 118 in the new science wing all day.  Sorry, there are no options for electronic payment.  Payment must be RECEIVED by Thursday, February 8th (same day as the F=ma exam) in order to register for this contest.  

PhysicsBowl Practice

Past exams can be found here: