HP Cycle 1

9/7 - 9/12

Th 9/7

F 9/8

M 9/11

T 9/12

🟢 5: Th 9/7 - welcome

Welcome to Physics Honors!  Today, we'll spend time getting to know each other and answering questions about the course.  We will briefly go over what is available on my website, and will start introducing ourselves.  You'll get a textbook today.

Homework:  Accept the invitation to Google Classroom if you have not already.  I expect that you will check your school Gmail often; I will use it touch base with you.  If you do not check this email often, then set up forwarding by following these instructions.  

🟩 5: F 9/8 - what is learning?

50th Anniversary Picture:  We will take an all school (students and staff) photo on Friday, September 8th out on the turf/in the stadium.  Dismissal by area of the school via announcements beginning at 2:15.  NOT a shortened schedule today.  

Today, we'll start to talk about what physics is and how to study it.  I'll answer questions about the course.  

💚 5: T 9/12 - ✏️📈representing motion graphically

Then, we'll take a look at representing motion graphicallyWe'll take a look at the motion of two or three different classmates graphically.  We'll take data and add that data to the class spreadsheet on ✏️Google Classroom.  Then, before we actually analyze the data, we'll try to predict several different types of graphs that can represent the motion.  We'll draw these graphs on the board for the first trial.

ResourceHow to make a scatter plot in Google Sheets 

Homework:  After writing a few sentences describing in plain language the motion of each person.  Also, predict what an additional graph would look like for each trial.

Virtual option if you are absent:  Take data on the three trials below and add that data to a spreadsheet in Google Sheets.   Analyze trials 1 and 2 first, but before formally taking data on trial 3, watch the video and PREDICT what you think the graph will look like qualitatively (without numbers).  If you feel confident in your predictions, you do not have to actually plot the data for trial 3.