HP Cycle 29

3/1 - 3/6

F 3/1

M 3/4

T 3/5

W 3/6

🟢 5: F 3/1 - intro to electrostatics - charging

Today, while I'm out, you will watch three videos and answer questions:

Please watch these videos in Google Classroom.  The questions will pop up in certain parts of the video.  If you are having technical difficulties with the questions in the Google Classroom assignment, you can alternatively view the questions in this question document.  After you have completed the questions in all three videos, apply your understanding by completing 📄 Electrostatics Charging Worksheet (PH)If you have trouble with this worksheet, watch this video.

Homework:  Finish watching any videos you have not yet finished.  Fill out the following worksheet if you have not already: 📄 Electrostatics Charging Worksheet (PH).

🟩❗ 5: M 3/4 - energy & momentum assessment

Unit Assessment on Work, Energy, & Momentum TODAY!

HomeworkMake sure you've completed the video assignment from Friday.

💚 5: W 3/6 - charging review

We'll start class by clarifying any topics from the videos.

Then, we'll assess our understanding of charging.

With the time remaining, you'll strengthen your understanding by doing ➕ Positive Physics Unit 22: Electric Charges & Force:

You will have time during the next class to finish the ➕ Positive Physics.

Homework:  Make sure to review your understanding.  Rewatch any of the videos you think you could understand better.