AT Cycle 35

4/15 - 4/18

M 4/15

T 4/16

W 4/17

Th 4/18

🔴 2: T 4/16a, 🟡 4: M 4/15, 🔵7: M 4/15 - study more mechanics

Today, study for your assessment on More Mechanics.  The focus of the assessment problems will be on the following topics:

HomeworkStudy for More Mechanics Unit Assessment next class - Tuesday, April 16th (4th marking period).  

To do before AP examWatch the following video on LC circuits (a topic that very occasionally shows up on the AP exam), and think about how this circuit relates to the oscillation we've studied in this unit: 

🟥❗ 2: T 4/16b, 🟨❗ 4: T 4/16, 🟦❗ 7: T 4/16a - more mechanics assessment

More Mechanics Unit Assessment on Tuesday, April 16th (4th marking period).  

Homework:  Start studying for Mock APs (test grades in 4th marking period).