HP Cycle 25

2/6 - 2/9

T 2/6

W 2/7

Th 2/8

F 2/9

🟢❗ 5: T 2/6 - momentum intro (2)

Short assessment on all of Work and Energy TODAY!

After the assessment, we will continue to learn about momentum and impulse. We will learn that momentum p = mv and that the change in momentum Δp = impulse FΔt. We will look at examples of how impulse is altered. We will also start to discuss conservation of momentum in a collision.   

Presentation: Momentum Presentation

Homework:  Review the concepts that we learned in class today.  

Optional Extra Practice: Page 1 in Momentum Packet (SOLUTIONS)

🟩 5: W 2/7 - 📖 Mastering Physics impulse problems

Today, we'll first finish the Momentum Presentation we have been going through.  Then, we'll practice impulse problems by completing 📖 Mastering Physics "Ch 9 - Impulse" problems: #3, 12, 15, 17, 46, 47, 48.  

Homework📖 Mastering Physics problems are due Friday, February 9th at 10pm.

Here's a solution for one of the most complex examples 6.5 from this presentation.  Note that the video ultimately finds the "force of impact," or the net force here which is the answer to part (b).  However in part (c) of our problem, we're asking for the force that the ground exerts on the worker, so for that part, draw a free body diagram and rearrange ΣF = FN - Fg  for FN 

💚 5: F 2/9 - ↩️ Pivot impulse-momentum theorem

Today, you will be applying the impulse-momentum theorem to a real life situation in the ↩️ Pivot Interactives Lab called "Ball Rebound."  In this lab, you will try to determine the average force that the wall exerts on a ball when the ball bounces off the wall.  

If you finish early, make sure to finish 📖 Mastering Physics "Ch 9 - Impulse" due Sunday, February 11th at 10pm.

Homework:  Finish the ↩️ Pivot Lab by Monday, February 12th at 10pm.  Make sure to finish 📖 Mastering Physics "Ch 9 - Impulse" due Friday, February 9th at 10pm.