HP Cycle 16

12/7 - 12/12

Th 12/7

F 12/8

M 12/11

T 12/12

🟢 5: Th 12/7 - 📖 Mastering Physics projectile motion problems

Today, we'll continue the Projectile Motion Presentation by starting to look at projectiles launched at an angle.  We'll look at a special case of a projectile that is caught at the same height as it was launched.

Then, we'll be practicing what you have learned previously about projectile motion.  Do 📖 Mastering Physics Chapter 3 problems "Ch 3 Projectile Problem Set 1":  #28, 32, 60, 63, 66, 79, 31, 33, 57, 64.

Homework:  Quiz on projectile motion on Tuesday, December 12th.  Above 📖 Mastering Physics problems due Sunday, December 10th.  

Optional Extra PracticeProjectile Motion CompuSheets page 1 (Solutions).  

The following videos may help with one of the problems in 📖 Mastering Physics:

OPTIONAL ENRICHMENT (for those thinking of taking AT Physics especially):

Learn on your own about projectiles lauched at an angle by watching the rest of Dan Fullerton's video on projectile motion (minute 11 until the end) and more practice problems below.  

Optional Enrichment Extra Credit:  Do 📖 Mastering Physics Chapter 3 problems "Ch 3 Projectile Problems Set 2":  35, 36, 62, 67, 69, 73 which is also due on Monday, December 18th at 10pm if you choose to do it.  No late work will be accepted, no exceptions.

Optional Extra Practice:  Projectile Motion CompuSheets page 2 (Solutions

Additionally, you can watch these more advanced videos on projectiles launched at angles and landing at a different height:

This video by Michel van Biezen is very similar to the problem that we did in class.  

This is an even more complex problem from Flipping Physics.  Try this on your own for more of a challenge.

🟩 5: F 12/8 - 📖 Mastering Physics universal gravitation

 Today, we'll talk about Newton's Law of Gravitation.  We'll first look at  Gravitational Interactions.  Then, we'll do a check-in activity on ✅ Formative.com.  Next, we'll introduce Newton's Gravitational Constant and do some calculations.  Finally, do 📖 Mastering Physics "Ch 6.5 Universal Gravitation" #34-41 (skip #38).

HomeworkStudy for Quiz on projectile motion on Tuesday, December 12th.  📖 Mastering Physics problems above due on Tuesday, December 12th at 10pm.  For additional support on Newton's Law of Gravitation, watch the following video:

💚❗ 5: T 12/12 - circular motion

Quiz on projectile motion on TODAY.

Today, after the quiz, we'll look at examples of circular motion.  Then, we'll continue with a geometric derivation of centripetal accelerationIf you missed class or would like to review the derivation from class, you may watch the video.  We'll use the rest of class time to share data and make conclusions in the lab.  

Optional Extra PracticeCentripetal Acceleration and Force CompuSheetsANSWERS.