HP Cycle 4

9/26 - 9/29

T 9/26

W 9/27

Th 9/28

F 9/29

🟢 5: T 9/26 - kinematic equations

I won't be in class this afternoon.  During sub-study, please watch the video posted here first to learn how to solve kinematics problems.  Then attempt to do the first two problems in the Tesla Problem which you can find below.  The HOW is more important to me than you actually getting correct numerical answers.  I will check that you have completed #1-3 by next class.  

We've already learned about the equations that DEFINE average velocity and average acceleration. Today, we'll start to use our mathematical definitions to solve problems in "It's Your Lucky Day" Packet (aka Tesla Problem).  Here are the goals for work in this packet:

In class, we'll try to do #1-3.  

Handouts: "It's Your Lucky Day" Packet

Homework: Make sure you've completed #1-3 on "It's Your Lucky Day" Packet.  See my solutions below.  (The solutions below are for an older problem, so the numbers are different, but the solutions are the same.)

Tesla Roadster Problem 2022.pdf

Check your Solution to #2 below.   

Check your Solution to #3 below.   

🟩 5: W 9/27 - kinematic equations - 2 objects

Today, I'll take any questions on the "It's Your Lucky Day" Packet.   Then, we'll talk about how to do #4 from  "It's Your Lucky Day" Packet.  We'll talk about the "equations of motion" (aka kinematic equations) that you have derived as part of this packet, and learn how to use equations of motion to solve problems with more than one objectWe'll use this Equations of Motion Graphic Organizer to identify the correct equation to use for any given problem.

HandoutEquations of Motion Graphic Organizer

Homework:   Complete "Which Equation Should I Use" assignment in ✏️ Google Classroom, due Thursday at 10pm.

Equations Graphic Organizer 3.pdf

💚 5: F 9/29 - kinematics problem set #1

Today, we'll collaboratively work on page 1 of Unit 2 WorksheetsANSWERS.  Please show all of your work on a separate sheet of paper to be scanned and uploaded in PDF format to ✏️ Google Classroom.  Make sure to include all the components of problem solving reviewed in class:

HomeworkYou should be able to finish this in class, but if you did not, finish Unit 2 Worksheets page 1 by Monday, October 2nd at 10pmANSWERS.  Upload a PDF of your work to ✏️ Google Classroom by Monday evening.  Make sure to show all work.  There is a resource in Classwork if you're trying to find a way to capture pictures of your work in PDF format.