AT Circuits Review

Below is a series of six videos which outlines the circuits knowledge that I expect you to already know from last year.  You may want to watch them quickly to make sure you understand all of the concepts before we start our circuits unit at the beginning of January.

2.  Ohm's Law - In this video, you can review your understanding of Ohm's Law V=IR.  

3.  Power - Here, you will learn conceptually about power in a circuit.

4.  Power lost by a resistor - In this video, you'll learn how to calculate the amount of electric energy lost to heat in a resistor per unit time.

5.  Series & Parallel Circuit - Here you'll learn the basics of identifying series and parallel circuits.  You'll gain a conceptual understanding of what it means when resistors are connected in series or in parallel.  You'll also learn equivalent resistance equations for simple series circuits and simple parallel circuits.  

6.  Combination Circuits - This video will walk you through solving a combination circuit.  While this material may have been optional last year, I think it's a good idea to know this, especially if you plan to take the AP exam.