Honors Physics

This is an algebra-based physics course which will prepare students for further study in physics in college or AT Physics.  It will cover topics in both mechanics and electricity & magnetism (aka "E&M").  It is possible to self-study a few more topics to prepare for the AP Physics 1 test.  If interested, check out my self-study guide which outlines the topics covered on the AP Physics 1 test vs in the course.  You'll want to start your self-studying at least a few months early.

Lessons and assignment submission are also available in Google Classroom.


Pivot Interactives (ClassLink)

Vernier Graphical Analysis (ClassLink)

Vernier Video Physics (ClassLink)


College Physics: A Strategic Approach 4e
AP  Edition, Pearson
Knight, Jones, Field
ISBN-13: 978-0-13-757472-8
ISBN-10: 0-13-757472-X


You may want a notebook for notes and practice problems that you will be doing in class and for homework.  This can be anything that is comfortable for you - spiral-bound, loose-leaf with binder, composition book, lined or unlined, reusable notebook (eg. Rocketbook), iPad, or whatever else will keep you organized.  

Please purchase a 9.75" x 7.5" composition book - either wide-ruled or college ruled (not graph paper) for your daily check-ins and lab work which will be separate from the notebook in which you take notes and do practice problems.  This notebook will be kept in the classroom.  (Unsponsored link: Target)

Additionally, you may want a hand-held calculator (graphing or scientific).  A Texas Instruments TI-30XS will be provided to you for in-class assessments.  

How to be Successful in Physics honors

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