HP Cycle 6

10/6 - 10/11

F 10/6

M 10/9

T 10/10

W 10/11

🟢 5: F 10/6 - reaction time & hang time

Today, we'll do a couple of short labs where you measure your reaction time and your hang time.  This will reinforce your understanding of free-fall.  

With any time remaining, finish your freefall problem set or study for your upcoming assessment.  

HandoutFalling for You lab

Homework:  If you have not finished the lab, please finish it by next class.  Bring your devices and headphones next class - Monday, October 9th.  Unit 2 Kinematics Assessment on Wednesday, October 11th.

🟩 5: M 10/9 - 🧩Newton's 1st Law

Please check Google Classroom for a 44 minute, 24 question 🧩EdPuzzle on Newton's 1st Law which must be completed by Monday at 10pm.  

Homework:  Finish the Newton's 1st Law 🧩EdPuzzle by 10pm MondayUnit 2 Kinematics Assessment next class on Wednesday, October 11th. (Newton's Laws not included in assessment.)  

💚❗ 5: W 10/11 - kinematics assessment

Unit 2 Kinematics Assessment TODAY.  

Homework:  Brief assessment on Newton's 1st Law on Friday, October 13th.