HP Cycle 17

12/13 - 12/18

W 12/13

Th 12/14

F 12/15

M 12/18

🟢 5: W 12/13 - uniform circular motion problems

Today, we'll spend time working through some circular motion example problems:

Vertical circles are an example of where gravity combines with some other force to account for the centripetal force.  Remember "centripetal force" is another word for NET force when going in a circle.  

With any remaining time, you may start 📖 Mastering Physics circular motion problems from the next post.

Optional Extra Practice:  If you need extra practice on easy UCM problems, Circular Motion Practice worksheet (Ans:  1. (a) 8.77m/s2 (b) mass times 1a.  2. (a) 1.56m/s (b) mass times 8.11m/s(c) 8.11m/s2.  3. (a) 0.650 (b) no change.   Hard Circular Motion Problems.  (skip #9) ANSWERS.   - note: for #3a, an acceleration of “1g” is 9.8 m/s2, so an acceleration of 0.050g is (0.050)(9.8 m/s2).   

Homework:  If you missed class or would like to review, check out these videos on vertical circles: 

🟩 5: Th 12/14 - 📖 Mastering Physics circular motion

Today, we'll start class with one quick Orbit Problem, which combines the ideas of uniform circular motion with universal gravitation. 

Then, we'll do 📖 Mastering Physics problems "Ch 6 - circular motion" #13, 16, 21, 23, 49, 50, 61, 62, 63, 67, 69, 73.

Homework📖 Mastering Physics problems due Sunday, December 17th at 10pm.  Assessment on all of Newton's Laws in 2-D on Tuesday, December 19thIf you missed class or need help with orbit problems like we did in class, watch the following video:

💚 5: M 12/18 - study & enrichment

You may use today's class to ask questions and/or study for the unit test on Tuesday.  Alternatively, if you would like to do either of the optional enrichment extra credit assignments, you may use your time today to work on those:

HomeworkStudy for Assessment on all of Newton's Laws in 2-D next class - Tuesday, December 19th.  All enrichment problems are due tonight, Monday, December 18th at 10pm.  No late work will be accepted, no exceptions.