HP Cycle 42

5/26 - 6/1

Th 5/26

F 5/27 *SNOW

T 5/31

W 6/1

🟒 6: Th 5/26, πŸ”΅ 8: Th 5/26 - βž• current creates magnetic field

Senior Lunch Cruise.

Today, we'll learn how moving charges create magnetic fields. We'll learn the last two right hand rules.

First, watch my video on "Current Create Magnetic Fields." It's a rather long video, but you can probably speed up parts of it. I recap the most important parts of the embedded videos, but watching the embedded videos will really build your understanding.

Then, we'll practice mass spectrometer problems by doing βž• Positive Physics unit 27: electromagnetism "work" problems from the sections:

  • right hand rule 1

  • right hand rule 2

Homework: Finish these βž• Positive Physics problems by Wednesday at 10pm. Only completion score counts. No late work will be accepted. QUIZ on all of magnetism up to this point on Thursday, June 2nd.

Optional Extra Practice: Textbook chapter 19 conceptual questions 21-24 (answers)

🟩 6: T 5/31, (🟦 8: F 5/27 *SNOW) - extra practice

Practice magnetism with Optional Extra Practice: FYP: Electromagnetism #1-10 (ANSWERS). Optionally read parts of chapter 19 - particularly sections 19.6, the first section of 19.7 (skip Electromagnets and Magnetic Permeability), and 19.8. You will not be responsible for any of the equations in these sections. Then do conceptual questions 17-19, 21-24, and 26 (p 688). (answers)

Homework: QUIZ on all of magnetism up to this point on Thursday, June 2nd.

πŸ’š 6: W 6/1, πŸ’™ 8: T 5/31 - πŸ”„ induction & Lenz's Law

If moving charges produce magnetic fields, can magnetic fields move charges? Today, we'll learn how we can produce a current in a wire loop by changing the magnetic field through it. We'll introduce Lenz's Law and look at 3 (or really 4) steps:

    1. Is there a changing number of magnetic field lines (aka magnetic flux) in the loop of wire?

    2. How are the field lines changing? ("more/less lines to the right" for example)

    3. The induced field opposes that change. ("more lines _____" opposite #2)

    4. Use the right hand rule for the electromagnet/solenoid. (thumb = induced field, fingers curl = current)

We'll do some practice with Lenz's Law.

Watch all of "Intro to Induction and Lenz's Law."

Presentation: Lenz's Law

Then, each person is assigned just one problem from "Lenz's Law Practice Numbered". The answers are provided on the worksheet in parenthesis [(cw) for clockwise, (acw) for counter- or anti-clockwise]. There is a video link provided at the top of the document if you want examples of solutions. Check the post in ✏️ Google Classroom to find your assignment. Log onto πŸ”„ Flipgrid using the link attached in ✏️ Google Classroom (should be able to click "Log in with Google" using your school wwprsd account, but manually create an account with your wwprsd email if you need to). And post your video solution. There's a 1 minute and 30 second maximum time for your video, but that should be plenty of time; my example video you see attached to the assignment in Flipgrid is only 45 seconds. You don't have to show your face on the video - just talk through the problem solution and show your right hand. Watch a few other peoples videos if you want or practice other problems from the document. Hit Submit on this assignment in ✏️ Google Classroom. That's it for the assignment!

Homework: QUIZ on all of magnetism (does not include induction) on Thursday, June 2nd. Assignment due in πŸ”„ Flipgrid by Thursday at 10pm.