HP Cycle 36

4/13 - 4/26

W 4/13

M 4/25

T 4/26

🟒 6: W 4/13 & 🟩 6: M 4/25, πŸ”΅ 8: W 4/13 - electric force and field practice

Today, we'll start by addressing you have any questions you have on the "May the Field Be With You" Electric Field Superposition Lab.

Then, we'll do some practice problems: Period 6 - do all problems, Period 8 - focus on #8-15 in FYP: Coulomb's Law. These problems have both electric force and electric field problems. After you have written out your own solutions, check the given solutions (plus #9 solution), and write your corrections IN A DIFFERENT COLORED PEN. Take pictures of your work, and upload to the assignment in ✏️ Google Classroom.

Homework: Finish #8-15 in FYP: Coulomb's Law and upload corrected solutions to ✏️ Google Classroom by Tuesday at 10pm. QUIZ on electric field and force Wednesday, April 27th.

πŸ’š 6: T 4/26, πŸ’™ 8: M 4/25 - electric potential energy

Today, we'll learn the concept of Electric Potential Energy.

You can either:

  1. Watch the first 25 minutes only of the YouTube video "Electric Potential Energy and Potential". I made this video for my AT students who in theory had learned this concept before, so it moves pretty fast. If you do not know calculus, you can skip minutes 15-19, but try to understand the set-up and memorize the resulting formula.

  2. Read section 16.1 in your textbook. (See Google Classroom if your textbook is not handy.)

Then, answer the questions in βœ… GoFormative: Electric Potential Energy Questions.

Finally, solve electric potential energy problems from the textbook Chapter 16 #12, 10, 15, and 14a. Remember that electric potential energy is a scalar quantity. Watch the following video to help you to understand #15. Make your corrections in a different colored pen. Take pictures of your solutions and upload them to ✏️ Google Classroom by Wednesday at 10pm.

Homework: QUIZ on electric field and force next class - Wednesday, April 27th (will not include electric potential energy). Answer Electric Potential Energy Questions in βœ… GoFormative and do problems from the textbook and upload to ✏️ Google Classroom, both due Wednesday at 10pm. No late work will be accepted on the βœ… GoFormative assignment.