HP Cycle 29

3/4 - 3/9

F 3/4

M 3/7

T 3/8

W 3/9

🟒 6: F 3/4, πŸ”΅ 8: F 3/4 - ↩️ Pivot impulse-momentum theorem

Today, you will be applying the impulse-momentum theorem to a real life situation in the ↩️ Pivot Interactives Lab called "Ball Rebound." In this lab, you will try to determine the average force that the wall exerts on a ball when the ball bounces off the wall.

If you finish early, move on to βž• Positive Physics from the next post.

Homework: Finish the ↩️ Pivot Lab by Tuesday March 8th at 10pm.

🟩 6: T 3/8, 🟦 8: M 3/7 - βž• Positive Physics momentum

Today, we'll start class by discussing a classic physics problem - the ballistic pendulum. This problem combines ideas of conservation of momentum and conservation of energy.

Then, we'll do βž• Positive Physics unit 14: momentum "work" problems from the sections:

  • complete problems 1

  • complete problems 2

  • complete problems 3

Optional extra practice: pages 2 and 3 in Momentum Packet. (SOLUTIONS to Cons Momentum CompuSheet & SOLUTIONS to Momentum Practice Problems p 3)

Homework: Finish these problems by Wednesday, March 9th at 10pm. Only completion score counts. No late work will be accepted. QUIZ on Impulse and Momentum in 1-D on Thursday, March 10th.

πŸ’š 6: W 3/9, πŸ’™ 8: T 3/8 - explosion lab

Today, we'll be exploring the conservation of momentum in explosions. We will try to determine the outcome of a (very safe) "explosion" of two carts in an in-person verification activity. The lab has two parts:

  • In the first set-up, two carts of different known masses are placed touching each other on a track. When you push a button on one of the carts, they will explode apart from each other. You must figure out where on the track to place the carts so that they reach opposite ends of the track at the exact same time. After doing the calculation, you'll perform the experiment to verify your results.

  • In the second set-up, you'll use a similar set-up to determine the unknown mass of a bag of sand.

If you are absent, email me to ask me to open up the make-up in ↩️ Pivot Interactives called "Exploring Momentum and Impulse: Cart Push Off."

Homework: Very neatly write up your solutions to both parts of the lab for in-person submission at the beginning of class on Tuesday. Study for QUIZ on Impulse and Momentum in 1-D next class - Thursday, March 10th.