HP Cycle 4

9/28 - 10/1

T 9/28

W 9/29

Th 9/30

F 10/1

🟒 6: T 9/28, πŸ”΅ 8: T 9/28 - inclined plane lab (part 2)

LAB SAFETY: The edges of the tracks hang off the tables and are sharp so students are reminded to be aware of where they are walking when doing the experiment.

Today, we will continue the lab in ↩️ Pivot Interactives: "Inclined Plane Lab." We will practice linearizing graphs (see determining relationships from graphs for support), and will also find a way to create a velocity vs. time graph. We will compare the linearized graph to velocity vs. time graph.

Homework: Finish at least through the section "Motion of a cart on an inclined plane" in ↩️ Pivot Interactives and in ✏️ Google Classroom.

🟩 6: Th 9/30, 🟦 8: W 9/29 - inclined plane lab (part 3)

Today, we will aggregate all of our class data. We can continue working in groups to answer all of the lab questions in ↩️ Pivot Interactives.

With any time remaining, we will start our next activity: "It's Your Lucky Day" Packet.

Homework: If there is any part of the lab that you did not finish, finish it tonight for homework. ❗Inclined Plane Lab QUIZ on Monday, October 4th. Lab officially due in ↩️ Pivot on Friday, October 1st at 10pm.

πŸ’š 6: F 10/1, πŸ’™ 8: Th 9/30 - kinematic equations

Today, I'll start by taking any questions you have about the lab.

We've already learned about the equations that DEFINE average velocity and average acceleration. Today, we'll start to use our mathematical definitions to solve problems in "It's Your Lucky Day" Packet. In class, we'll try to do #1-3.

Handouts: "It's Your Lucky Day" Packet

Homework: Make sure you've completed #1-3 on "It's Your Lucky Day" Packet. See solutions below. ❗Inclined Plane Lab QUIZ on Monday, October 4th.

Porsche Problem 2018.pdf

Check your Solution to #2 below.

Check your Solution to #3 below.