HP Cycle 1

9/8 - 9/14

Th 9/9

F 9/10

M 9/13

T 9/14

6: W 9/8, 8: W 9/8 - welcome

Welcome to Physics Honors! Today, we'll spend time getting to know each other and answering questions about the course. We will briefly go over what is available on my website, and will start introducing ourselves. You'll get a textbook today.

Homework: Accept the invitation to Google Classroom if you have not already. I expect that you will check your school Gmail often; I will use it touch base with you. If you do not check this email often, then set up forwarding by following these instructions.

🟢 6: Th 9/9, 🔵 8: Th 9/9 - introductions & ➕Positive Physics

Today, we'll start to talk more about the course and how everything will work. We'll continue to introduce ourselves and learn a little more about each other. If there's time, we'll talk about Google Classroom, how that's set up, and what is also available on my website.

We'll try to answer the following questions:

  • What were some good experiences last year?

  • What aspects of virtual learning did you like that we should keep as we learn in person?

  • What are you excited about learning in this class?

We'll also talk about collaboration:

  • What are some ways we can collaborate and form a community outside of class time?

  • What will we see when we work together?

  • What will we hear when we work together?

  • How can we help each other?

Homework: If you haven't done any of the homework above, make sure you get to it. Check ✏️Google Classroom to fill out the form on Personal Learning Habits. Second, sign up for a ➕Positive Physics account by clicking on the assignment and following the directions in ✏️Google Classroom. Then, watch the short video below on how to use Positive Physics. Finally, in ➕Positive Physics, in the "unit 1: velocity" unit, complete the following work sections:

  • inquiry (due tonight at 10pm)

  • embedded math (due Sunday at 10pm)

➕Positive Physics does not allow me to accept late work, so no late work will be accepted. Only completion score counts, so try the problems over till you get them right. If you are unsure about significant figures or other math topics, review the documents under Unit 1 in Google Classroom.

🟩 6: M 9/13, 🟦 8: F 9/10 - vocab for motion

Today, we'll introduce Chapter 2 - Kinematics. Kinematics describes motion without referencing the cause of that motion. We'll start the unit by talking about some basic kinematics formulas and notation. We'll also distinguish between scalar and vector quantities.

Presentation: Intro to Kinematics

Homework: Review your notes from today's lecture, and make sure you understand the notation. In ➕ Positive Physics "unit 1: velocity", please complete the following section by tonight at 10pm:

  • constant velocity

As always on ➕Positive Physics, no late work accepted and only completion score counts.

💚 6: T 9/14, 💙 8: M 9/13 - ✏️📈representing motion graphically

Today, we'll first review the use of significant figures for lab.

Then, we'll take a look at representing motion graphically. We'll take data on the three trials below and add that data to a group spreadsheet on ✏️Google Classroom. Analyze trials 1 and 2 first, but before formally taking data on trial 3, watch the video and PREDICT what you think the graph will look like qualitatively (without numbers). If your group feels confident in your predictions, you do not have to actually plot the data for trial 3, but discuss it first.

Presentation: Sig Figs in Lab

Handout: Sig Figs in Measurement (3 pages)

Resource: How to make a scatter plot in Google Sheets

Homework: Finish taking data for at least trials 1 and 2 and make a prediction of what the graph will look like for trial 3.