AT Cycle 35

4/8 - 4/13

F 4/8

M 4/11

T 4/12

W 4/13

🔴❗ 1: F 4/8, 🟡❗ 3: F 4/8 - gravitational field

QUIZ Today on heavy rope.

After the quiz, we'll start with a brief discussion about potential energy versus position graphs. We'll use a physical analogy of a hill as a model of how to think about these types of problems. This discussion will help you solve the last problem in the required set below.

Then, we'll take a look at some problems involving gravitational field:

Required: 2001M2, 1999M2, 1995M2 (only peripherally related, but good to know about potential energy)

Homework: Gravitational Field problems due to ✏️ Google Classroom Tuesday. Watch the following video on Kepler's Laws:

🟥 1: T 4/12 lab, 🟨 3: M 4/11 lab - orbits

Pd 1 - independent study period, as I will be proctoring the USAPhO today.
Pd 3 - Senior Trip to Six Flags Great Adventure today! 🎡🎢🎠

Today, start by finishing any problems from last time.

Then, you'll work on the following AP problems to check your understanding of Kepler's Laws.

Required: 1994M3, 2007M2

If you're wondering why 1994M3 part d has two correct answers that seem totally different, check out this article:

"Equivalence of Conservation of Angular Momentum and Conservation of Energy Methods for Satellite Velocity Calculations."

Homework: Gravitational Field problems due to ✏️ Google Classroom Tuesday. Orbit Problems due to ✏️ Google Classroom on Wednesday at 10pm. (All of these problem should be doable within the confines of class time, after all you have approximately 4.5 hours to do 8 AP problems which are 15 minutes each, so my expectation is that you would upload everything by the end of your last class period before spring break. I am only extending the deadline to Wednesday at 10pm as a courtesy to you, but try to stay focused and get everything done well before Wednesday evening.)

If you haven't watched this yet, watch the following video on LC circuits (a topic that very occasionally shows up on the AP exam), and think about how this circuit relates to the oscillation we've studied in this unit:

❤️ 1: W 4/13, 💛 3: T 4/12 - review

Today, finish up any required problems from this unit and prepare for mock AP exams after break.

Handout: Understanding AP Physics Vocabulary

Homework: 🐤🌷🐣🌼🐇🌸🐥 Happy Spring Break! 🐤🌷🐣🌼🐇🌸🐥


If you miss a test, be prepared to make it up the next class.

Period 1

Tuesday, April 26th

Mechanics Multiple Choice
Mechanics Free Response

Wednesday, April 27th

E&M Multiple Choice

Thursday, April 28th

E&M Free Response

Period 3

Tuesday, April 26th

Mechanics Free Response

Thursday, April 28th

E&M Free Response

Friday, April 29th

Mechanics Multiple Choice
E&M Multiple Choice

⭐⭐⭐AP Physics C Exam⭐⭐⭐

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Mechanics: 12 noon
E&M: 2pm