AT Cycle 34

4/4 - 4/7

M 4/4

T 4/5 End MP3

W 4/6

Th 4/7

🔴 1: M 4/4, 🟡 3: M 4/4 - heavy rope problems

LAB QUIZ Today on coffee filter lab.

Today, we'll do some AP Problems that involve the concept of heavy ropes.

Required: 2009M3, 1975M3

Make sure all the problems up to this point are complete.

Homework: QUIZ Friday on heavy rope. Heavy Rope Problems due to ✏️ Google Classroom by Wednesday at 10pm.

Watch the following video on simple harmonic motion (SHM):

Check out this video for a better understanding of "angular frequency" ω (aka frequency of oscillation) and how it relates to the angular speed ω we already studied in rotation:

🟥 1: W 4/6 lab, 🟨 3: T 4/5 lab - ↩️ Pivot lab oscillation (1)

Today, we'll do a lab in ↩️ Pivot Interactives called "SHM vISLE: 5.5 Testing a mathematical model and assumptions" where we'll explore the mathematical model that we have derived for simple harmonic motion (SHM). This lab will particularly focus on lab skills which will be tested on the AP exam such as taking data, finding trends by making a graph, linearizing your graphs, and focusing on the assumptions which lead to systematic error.

If you missed class or if you'd like to review, watch the following video explaining the calculus of solving simple harmonic motion. This video is really similar to the lecture I would have given in class. This is one of the videos I would really pay attention to! There's a lot of important information packed in here! Watch it slowed down, pause to think about the analyses (especially in the graph section at the end), and watch it multiple times!

Homework: QUIZ Friday on heavy rope. ↩️ Pivot SHM lab due Thursday at 10pm. Watch the following two videos on simple harmonic oscillators with springs and pendulums. Alternatively, learn about simple harmonic oscillators using the available media of your choice - textbook, internet, etc.

Small angle approximation: For small angles

θ (in radians) ≈ sin θ ≈ tan θ

❤️ 1: Th 4/7, 💛 3: W 4/6 - oscillation problems

Today, we'll start by going over any assessments that we have not yet reviewed. Don't forget to do your post-assessment metacognition in Google Classroom.

Then, we'll be reviewing many different aspects of oscillations including kinematic variables, forces, and energy in an oscillating system. And we'll review the in-person lab that we didn't have time for.

Then, in groups, apply what you know and solve problems with simple harmonic motion.

Required: Oscillation AP Problems (2009M2, 1990M3, 1999M2)

Homework: QUIZ next class Friday on heavy rope. Oscillation problems due to ✏️ Google Classroom by Sunday at 10pm.

Watch the following video on universal gravitation. If you remember how to use the formula for the force of gravity, skip the first 3:27, and focus on the calculation of gravitational field. As you're watching this video, relate it to what you know about electric fields and Gauss's Law.

To do before AP exam: Watch the following video on LC circuits (a topic that very occasionally shows up on the AP exam), and think about how this circuit relates to the oscillation we've studied in this unit: