AT Cycle 16

12/10 - 12/15

F 12/10

M 12/13

T 12/14

W 12/15

πŸ”΄ 1: F 12/10, 🟑 3: F 12/10 - continuous charge distribution (2)

Today, we'll continue to do ]problems which require us to calculate the electric field due to a continuous distribution of charge:

  • Required: Electric field integrals #2 only (WHERE you put theta matters in what the integral looks like, but the result should be the same if you've chosen the correct limits. Here's one solution, and here's another, and here's yet another), 1981E2, redo Giancoli Example 21-10 (p. 559), and state why the book chose to solve with d(theta) rather than dy. Also, Halliday Chapter 22 #28, 29, 32, 31

  • Enrichment: Halliday Chapter 22 #24, 33, 65

Homework: By next class (Monday), read this page on Electric Field Lines from The Physics Classroom. Make sure that you understand the rules for drawing electric field lines.

πŸŸ₯ 1: T 12/14 lab, 🟨 3: M 12/13 lab - flux

Today, we'll review electric field line by playing with an online applet (Falstad 2-D Electrostatic Fields) while starting on this worksheet: Flux Using Applet. We'll explore the concept of flux. We'll talk about what flux is in general, and we'll figure out how to represent electric flux. Then, we'll go back to the online applet which will help us to understand even more about flux. Watch this video for directions on using the applet.

Homework: QUIZ on Electric Field Integral (no Gauss's Law) Thursday, December 16th. Finish the worksheet which was given out in class today. Then, watch the following two videos on Gauss's Law:

❀️ 1: W 12/15, πŸ’› 3: T 12/14 - Gauss's Law problems (1)

Today, we'll recap how to use Gauss's Law for a conducting sphere. We'll then talk about why the electric field inside a conductor is always zero (in an electrostatic case anyway) by looking at what happens when we put a piece of metal inside an electric field.

Then, if there's time, start problems from Chapter 23:

Required: 4, 7, 14, 20, 29, 32, 52

Homework: Study for QUIZ on Electric Field Integral (no Gauss's Law) next class - Thursday, December 16th.