AT Cycle 12

11/16 - 11/19

T 11/16

W 11/17

Th 11/18

F 11/19

πŸ”΄ 1: T 11/16, 🟑 3: T 11/16 - moment of inertia analysis (sub study)

I will be in an in-school meeting this morning, so please work on the following problems. You may work together.

Today, just work on your moment of inertia INDIVIDUAL lab analysis from last class and collaborate with

Homework: Continue working on problems from this unit.

πŸŸ₯ 1: Th 11/18 lab, 🟨 3: W 11/17 lab - rolling without slipping problems

Check-In: Rolling without slipping, falling wheel

Today, we'll be working on problems from last class rolling without slipping:

Required: 1992M2 a-b, 1997M3 a-d (do a with forces by doing b and c first), 1991M2
Enrichment: go to the AP Central, and do additional problems with rolling without slipping.

If you finish early, go back and make sure that you've completed all other required problems in this unit up to this point.

Homework: Rolling without slipping problems due to ✏️ Google Classroom on Friday at 10pm. Moment of Inertia Lab Quiz - Monday, November 22nd. Make sure all rolling problems are finished. Watch this video on rolling WITH SLIPPING:

❀️ 1: F 11/19, πŸ’› 3: Th 11/18 - hula hoop problem (1)

Today, we'll start by finishing any problems that we did not finish last time.

Today, we'll look at the idea of rolling in a couple other ways, including imagining rolling WITH slipping. We'll investigate the motion of a hula hoop as it skates across the floor. The worksheet is due and will be collected. In order to check your understanding of rolling with slipping problems, try 1980M3.

Handout: Hula-Hoop Problem

Homework: Study for Moment of Inertia Lab Quiz next class - Monday, November 22nd. Hula-Hoop Problem due in class Tuesday for period 3 and Wednesday for period 1.