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PHYSICS OLYMPIAD TRYOUT TEST Friday, January 18th after school

posted Jan 8, 2013, 11:01 AM by Barbara Fortunato
From Bill --
Dear potential physicists,
As you all know, there is a Physics Olympiad competition held annually for those who wish to go deeper into physics, those who wish to win prizes, those who want to take a shot at making the US Physics Team, and those who want to put this competition on their college apps. The competition consists of four levels:
  1. The F=ma preliminary test will test only mechanics and will (most likely) consist of 25 multiple choice questions, ranging in difficulty, to be completed in 75 minutes. This test will be held in the last week of January.
  2. The Semifinal test will test all areas covered in a typical first-year college physics class, ranging from mechanics to electricity and magnetism to nuclear physics to discrete topics. The test consists of two sections, with four open-ended questions in the first section and two in the second one, with 90 minutes per section. The top 300-400 scorers on the F=ma exam will be able to take this test.
  3. Physics camp! The top 20-or-so from the semifinal exam will be provided with an all expenses paid trip to somewhere in the US for a week of physics and to be part of the US Physics Team. There is a good chance that the camp will be during finals.
  4. Five camp members will be selected to represent the United States at the IPhO, the most prestigious physics competition for high school students. A fully-paid-for two-to-three-week trip to some random country in the world will be provided, along with many other things.
If you are interested, please fill out the following form:
There is a 20-person cap for the F=ma exam so there will be a tryout test. The test will mirror the F=ma exam and will be administered Friday, January 18th from 3:15 to 4:30 in room 111 (Ms. Todd's room) and the students with the top 20 scores on this test will qualify to take the F=ma Exam. 
The F=ma exam for those 20 students will be administered sometime between January 30th through February 1st so keep checking back for details on when and where. The cost will be $10.00.
For additional information see: EXAMS from previous years.