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HSS Tutoring Desk

posted Oct 8, 2015, 8:30 AM by Barbara Fortunato
Just got this email which may be useful to you:

Dear teachers and staff,

The student run HSS Tutoring Desk recently opened during study hall periods, lunch, and after school in the library. The Tutoring Desk is a great way for students to get extra help from the South community with concepts or problems they are having trouble with in class. It is designed to provide help from students who have already taken the classes in prior years while following academic integrity rules.​

If you know of any students who want extra help, the Tutoring Desk would be happy to work with them. Please let students who are struggling with their academics know about this great resource South has to offer!

HSS Tutoring Desk Officers

More info from Mrs. Rooney:

There seems to be a lot of excitement and questions about the tutoring desk!

So just to clarify, there will be a student every period “working” the tutoring desk in the library. The student can ask to leave study to go ask for help. If that student cannot help them, they have a tutor directory with all the available tutors and subjects. Thus, they can point them in the direction of someone that can help them at a time convenient for them. There is a log that the tutors must use to document who is tutoring and who is getting help.

Please feel free to drop by the library to see the desk. Also, Jonathan Y***, Sharon Z***, and Ilene E*** are the brains of this operation. They have done an excellent job putting this together so please talk with them too!

Hope this helps!!