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Clean Tech Competition

posted Mar 3, 2020, 9:15 AM by Barbara Fortunato
2020 Theme: “Reducing Individual Impacts"
Registration Ends April 10!   Papers Due April 12!
Pre-university is a formative time for students as they prepare to go to the next level, and there is no better way to develop skills than through science competitions! Students think and analyze at levels not usually utilized until higher education, putting them ahead of many of their competitors in the application pool! Encourage High Technology High School students to sign up today and help us change the world!
The Clean Tech Competition is the only global clean technology innovation competition for 15-18 year old students. Topics over the past 9 years have tackled everything from clean water and solar energy to food production and pollution, all revolving around a single purpose: to create a greener and sustainable future. This year’s theme is perhaps the most personal and direct, with our categories allowing us to address the breadth of potential situations: whether someone lives with Limited Resources or Abundant Resources, we are fighting for a solution anyone can utilize.

Competition Information
15-18 year old students register in teams of 1-3 students for free on our website, researching a potential solution and testing its effectiveness. They submit a 5-15 page paper that is judged by an international jury of industry professionals, engineers and university professors, from which we will select the top 10 teams per category, and invite them to present a prototype at our Finals in Washington D.C.! We have two $10,000 grand prizes, and each finalist team wins at least $1,000 for their hard work. For this year’s competition students will be able to experience Solar Decathlon, an innovation competition for college students.
Finalist teams are allowed and encouraged to fundraise to cover the costs of travel and lodgings and the Finals include presentations from esteemed guests and other activities both day of and before. Wrapping that all up is our Finals date right before Independence Day in the historic U.S. capital, making the trip well-rounded for all!
Our website below has a wealth of information, including all rules, regulationsimportant datesprizes and more. We have information on all of our past winning projects as well, so you can see many of the innovative ways our past Finalists have researched solutions to the questions we pose!
Please feel free to either email or call me at the information listed below. I would love to help you find a way to enter teams into the only global innovation competition for high school students!
Best regards,
Kevin Sanders
Contact Information
Competition Administrator: Mr. Kevin Sanders          * Email:
( Phone: +1-516-764-0045  : Website:
Facebook & Twitter è @CleanTechComp
“From young minds come fresh solutions”