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2014 F=ma Contest

posted Nov 12, 2013, 5:09 PM by Barbara Fortunato
Hey guys!

This year, our school will again be administering the US Physics Olympiad qualifying tests. The program is highly rewarding: it provides opportunities to explore physics, win prizes, make camps, and improve college résumés. 

The first stage of the Olympiad is the F=ma test, which is held around the end of January. It will test mechanics only, so there is no need to know electromagnetism for the test. It is a 75-minute long test consisting of 25 multiple choice questions. Those who do well will be invited to a second 3-hour test, and the top two dozen from there will be selected for a nation-wide 10-day camp in Maryland.

Note that there will be no tryouts this year - anyone who wishes to take the test can take it. Also note that there will likely be a fee of ~$10, but the costs may be lowered depending on compensation from the school.

For those of you who are interested in the exam, please fill out this form

Additionally, the South Physics Club will be holding an informational session on the F=ma exam and the Physics Olympiad on Wednesday, November 13th, in room 901 after school. We will go over the format of the test and begin preparation for those taking the exam.

Past tests can be found here

Best regards,
Bill Huang, Ms. Todd