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What is the best coordinate system choice for inclined plane problems?

posted Dec 1, 2017, 10:31 AM by Barbara Fortunato   [ updated Dec 8, 2017, 9:39 AM by Barbara Fortunato ]
5: F 12/8, 7: M 12/11
Today, we’ll look at how we can apply what we know about vectors in two dimensions to inclined plane problems. The key to inclined plane problems is picking a coordinate system that makes sense.  We must shift our thinking from a traditional horizontal-vertical coordinate system to a slanted coordinate system.  We'll start with a practice assessment based on the video you watched for homework last night.  If you did not watch the video, you'll watch it during this time.  We'll extend the discussion to link to our inclined plane lab that we performed a long time ago.  We'll talk about what factors affect the motion of an object on an inclined plane theoretically and in real life.

With any time remaining, work on page 3 #1-4 only of the Newton's Second Law packet which are also for homework. 
Homework:  page 3 #1-4 only of the Newton's Second Law packet.   You may check Solutions to Inclined Plane Problems #1-4, but try them on your own first!  Also, watch the rest of the video, and think about questions that I pose in the last 5 minutes.  

Inclined Planes