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What is projectile motion?

posted Nov 15, 2017, 5:05 AM by Barbara Fortunato
5: F 11/17, 7: F 11/17

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Today, we’ll start looking at projectile motion. We’ll start by looking at projectiles launched horizontally only. We’ll discover that projectiles move at constant velocity in the horizontal direction where there’s no net external force, whereas they move with constant acceleration (g) in the vertical direction where the external force is due to gravity. (Air resistance is ignored.) In order to solve projectile motion problems, we often split the problem into x- and y-components, and then combine x & y with time. 

Presentation Projectile Motion PowerPoint
Homework: Do Projectile Motion CompuSheets page 1 (Solutions).  Watch the following two videos by Dan Fullerton.  They are both on projectile motion.  Watch only the first 11 minutes of the first video, and watch the entire second video.  The second video contains examples which you need to work through alongside Mr. Fullerton. Take notes while you watch both videos and bring these notes to class. 

Projectile Motion (Dan Fullerton)

Projectile Motion with Horizontal Launch (Dan Fullerton)