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What is electric potential?

posted Mar 10, 2018, 5:10 PM by Barbara Fortunato
5: Th 3/15, 7: F 3/16

Today, we'll continue our discussion about electric potential energy and learn about electric potential.  This will be done through interactive lecture and by trying a few example problems. 
Presentation:  Electric Potential
HomeworkQUIZ Tuesday, March 20th on electric potential energy and potential.  Tonight, try  all of the problems in the Electric Potential presentation.  Do your best.  

If you have any trouble with the concepts from today, check out this video:

Potential, Potential Difference, & Voltage (lasseviren1)

For a little more detail using the concept of equipotential lines (which is somewhat helpful for visualization), check out this video:

Electric Potential (duffydoesphysics)

Electric Potential Energy Difference (Khan Academy)