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What happens to your "weight" in an elevator?

posted Nov 16, 2018, 7:13 AM by Barbara Fortunato   [ updated Nov 20, 2018, 5:20 AM by Barbara Fortunato ]
2: T 11/20, 5: T 11/20, 7: T 11/20

QUIZ on free-fall problems Today!

After the quiz, we'll review one-dimensional Newton's 2nd Law problems by looking at what happens in an elevator with a "field trip" to South's very own elevator. You'll learn that a bathroom scale does not really measure your weight in all situations.

If you're not here or you need additional support, watch this video instead:

Newton's Laws & Forces Simple Elevator Problems (PhysicsEH)

Then, do Big Newton's Law Packet page 3 #1-5. Watch the following 10-minute video which may be useful in understanding elevator problems if you need clarification. These types of problems are easy to solve using the techniques that we've already been using including drawing free body diagrams and writing ΣF statements. Remember, a bathroom scale will read your "apparent weight" or the NORMAL force!

Apparent Weight and True Weight (brookscolephysics)

SolutionsSOLUTIONS to p 3 of Packet
Homework Periods 2 and 5: Watch this video for next class:

Dan Fullerton Friction

Period 7 no homework weekend.