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What do physicists mean when they talk about “work”?

posted Jan 5, 2018, 6:20 PM by Barbara Fortunato
5: M 1/8, 7: Th 1/11

The concept of “work” is slightly different than the definition we use in every day life. Today, we will review how to calculate work and how this relates to the concept of energy. We will talk about mechanical energy, including kinetic energy and gravitational potential energy. Finally, we'll talk about the conservation of mechanical energy.

With the remaining time, we'll work on Pages 1-2 in Work & Energy Packet.  (Unit 6 CompuSheets Answers)

If you happen to miss class or need to review, you can watch the following videos:

Deriving the work kinetic energy theorem (Timothy Palladino)

Even though the following video is on ELECTRIC potential energy, the beginning introduces how to derive the formula for gravitational potential energy, so ONLY WATCH FROM TIME 0:46-6:08.

Derivation of gravitational potential energy formula (mgh)

ResourceWork & Energy Presentation (we will not follow this presentation exactly, but we will cover most of the topics here)
Handout: Finish pages 1-2 in Work & Energy Packet (Unit 6 CompuSheets Answers) Then watch this simplistic video on the conservation of energy:

Conservation of Energy (Hewitt Drew It)