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Is there energy associated with electricity?

posted Mar 10, 2018, 5:04 PM by Barbara Fortunato
5: W 3/14b, 7: W 3/14

Pd 7: We'll start by finishing quiz corrections on lab quiz and electroscope quiz.

Today, we’ll learn about electric potential energy.  We’ll compare electric potential energy to gravitational potential energy.  Then, we’ll learn how to solve electric potential energy problems from the textbook #12, 10, 15, and 14a.  Remember that electric potential energy is a scalar quantity.  

Presentation:  Electric Potential Energy Problems
Homework:  We went over section 16.1 from the textbook today in class.  Check your understanding by doing the problems in Electric Potential Energy Problems PowerPoint.  I will check your homework next class for a grade.  

Watch the following video to help you to understand #15:

Electric Potential Energy Triangle (C. Vandrevala)

If you have any trouble with the concepts from today, check out this video:
Watch just the first 3 minutes of the video below by Mrs. Twu.  The final equation is UE = k qs qo / r.  This formula gives us the potential energy of a point charge with respect to infinity (meaning that infinitely far away from the source charge is our UE =0 location).  If you want even more background, watch the second video by Khan Academy (optional but may be helpful in understanding concepts more.  I know that this video involves calculus, and if you're in precalc, don't panic.  Just relax and try to understand the concepts.  Don't worry about performing the integral.  Just focus on the ideas.)  

Electric Potential Energy (Mrs. Twu)

Electric Potential Energy Difference (Khan Academy)