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Is all motion really relative?

posted Nov 26, 2017, 11:09 AM by Barbara Fortunato   [ updated Dec 1, 2017, 10:23 AM by Barbara Fortunato ]
5: F 12/1, 7: F 12/1

Today, we will look at the concept of relative motion.  We'll observe a model of relative motion in class, and then we will try to come up with a mathematical model (formula) to describe relative motion.  We will learn how we can use our knowledge of vectors to determine the velocity of one object relative to another in two dimensions.  We will convince ourselves of the independence of x- and y- components. 

Presentation:  Boat Problems PowerPoint 
Homework:  Watch the following videos on relative motion:

Relative Motion (Dan Fullerton)

Boat Crossing River (Matt Anderson)

Traffic Signal Project due Sunday!!!