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How do you solve energy problems with springs?

posted Feb 8, 2020, 12:15 PM by Barbara Fortunato   [ updated Feb 8, 2020, 12:26 PM ]
6: M 2/10, 8: T 2/11
Today, we'll start by going over the concept of elastic potential energy and homework problems Chapter 5 #44, 49, 56, 57.  Then, we'll review for the test by working on problems in your lab groups.  
Handouts:  Work, Energy, and Power Review Problems
Homework:  Three quizzes next class - Wednesday, February 2/12 - (1) Quiz on conservation of energy problems (no springs), (2) Lab quiz on pendulum, & (3) Lab quiz on springs.  Make sure you've done a great deal of the problems above.  The purpose is to identify where you might be struggling.  If you have any questions, bring them up next class.  Test on Work and Energy on Thursday, February 20th. 

If for some reason you missed class today or you need a review, check out the following videos from Dan Fullerton:

Springs and Hooke's Law (Dan Fullerton)

Watch examples during time 7:45-11:05 only, unless you want more practice with other conservation of energy problems.

Conservation of Energy (Dan Fullerton)

Finally, here's a more complex example like what you'll see on the test. (Think about how you'd do this with our Before & After diagram and our conservation of energy equation. Remember that the spring force is a conservative force.)

Physics - Mechanics: Energy, Work and Power (Michael van Biezen)