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How do we determine the direction of induced current flow?

posted May 2, 2018, 11:33 AM by Barbara Fortunato
5: Th 5/3, 7:Th 5/3

Right Hand Rules QUIZ Today!

Then after the quiz, if moving charges produce magnetic fields, can magnetic fields move charges?  Today, we'll learn how we can produce a current in a wire loop by changing the magnetic field through it.  

Today, we'll introduce Lenz's Law and look at 3 (or really 4) steps:
  • Is there a changing number of magnetic field lines in the loop of wire?
  • How are the field lines changing? ("more/less lines to the right" for example)
  • The induced field opposes that change.  ("more lines _____")
  • Use the right hand rule for the electromagnet/solenoid.  (thumb = induced field, fingers curl = current)
We'll do some practice with Lenz's Law.

Presentation:  Electromagnetic Induction Presentation
Homework:  Read Section 20.1 in your textbook.  You do not need to know any of the formulas in this section, just understand Lenz's Law.