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How do we calculate the force of gravity away from the surface of the earth? What causes objects to move in a circle?

posted Jan 12, 2019, 11:12 AM by Barbara Fortunato
2: Th 1/17, 5: Th 1/17, 7: F 1/18

Today, we'll first talk about Newton's Law of Gravitation.  

Then, we'll discover the direction of the centripetal force required to keep an object in uniform circular motion (towards the center of the circle).  We'll take some data for a class lab to find how centripetal force, velocity, and radius are related.
Homework:  Universal Gravitation WS p 1-2.  ANSWERS.  Make a graph for the first part of the circular motion experiment.  Try to find out how speed and force of tension are related (linear, inverse, parabolic, etc.).