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How do police use physics to investigate car crashes?

posted Mar 3, 2020, 6:25 AM by Barbara Fortunato
6: Th 3/5, 8: F 3/6

Today, we'll design a lab where we'll use physics from several past units to investigate car crashes.  Your goal today is to come up with the mathematical model that will help us find the coefficient of friction between two surfaces.  You've done this two other ways before, and this time,  you'll design a third method using limited resources.  

Homework:  Study for Unit Test on Momentum next class- Monday, March 9th.  Remember that you must have all of your work and your data written by hand INDIVIDUALLY!  You should be able to complete your individual mathematical model during class time.  It must be completed by the next class (day after test) on Tuesday, March 10th (pd 6) or Wednesday, March 11th (pd 8).