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How can you model the traffic intersection?

posted Oct 21, 2018, 11:18 AM by Barbara Fortunato
2: W 10/24, 5: W 10/24, 7: W 10/24

I will not be in school today, as I will be attending the the NJ Science Teachers' Convention.  While I'm gone, you will be filling out a worksheet in sub-study based on the lab.  This worksheet will demonstrate your understanding and solidify physics connections about your traffic intersection model.   If the sub-study teacher does not distribute the worksheet right away, ask him/her for it.  You may use your notes to fill in the worksheet.  You may also look talk with each other about what to write, but you may not copy from someone else's paper.  This worksheet must be submitted by the end of the period in order to get credit for attendance.  If you do not turn in the worksheet by the end of the period, you will lose credit for this part of the lab.

Homework:  Find or make your Newton's 1st Law video due Thursday evening to Google Classroom.