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How can you engineer an intersection?

posted Oct 8, 2018, 4:09 PM by Barbara Fortunato
2: T 10/9, 5: T 10/9, 7: W 10/10

Today, we'll start a new project where we'll be trying to engineer the timing of a traffic signal.  You'll be designing your own flexible computer model.  Then, you'll consider an actual real life intersection.  Based on in-person observation and/or internet research, you'll decide priorities and parameters for the problem of determining the traffic signal timing.  Then you'll input these parameters into your computer model to determine the final timing for the light.  As part of the project, you'll be developing yourself in all of the areas of 21st Century Competencies - Effective Communicator, Collaborative Team Member, Creative & Practical Problem Solver, Flexible & Self-Directed Learner, Information Literate Researcher, and Globally Aware & Responsible Student/Citizen.  

Today, we'll introduce the project, and in your assigned groups, you'll start working on your computer model.  We'll discuss possible inputs and outputs to your computer model as a class.  You'll have time next class also to work together on the project.  

Homework:  Make some headway on your project.  The project will be due on Sunday, October 21st, but don't procrastinate!