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How can we tell how far an object has traveled from a velocity time graph?

posted Sep 8, 2018, 1:58 PM by Barbara Fortunato   [ updated Sep 14, 2018, 7:08 AM by Barbara Fortunato ]
2: F 9/14, 5: F 9/14, 7: M 9/17

Today, we'll learn how to read velocity vs. time graphs (Cheetah).  Then, in our lab groups, we'll work on finishing Graphic Analysis of Motion WS
Presentation:  Ostrich & Cheetah Presentation continued
Homework: Review what we learned in class about velocity vs. time graphs.  Make a chart for yourself about the difference between analyzing displacement vs. time graphs and velocity vs. time graphs.  In this chart, you should include answers to questions like: What does a 0 slope mean?  What does it mean to cross the time axis?  What does it mean if you have a positive slope?  This will serve as a study guide for you for the upcoming quiz.  Finally, review the chart we made on the board - the one with velocity, acceleration, and speed - and convince yourself that this is true.  Finish Graphic Analysis of Motion WS (velocity vs. time), ANSWER KEY.  Prepare a list of questions that you have about this topic.  Next class, we will go over this homework and move onto the next topic.   Quiz on graphic analysis of motion Thursday, September 20th I will not answer any questions you have on the day of the quiz regardless of what period you have the quiz, so make sure you email me or find me in person by September 19th.