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How can we describe electrostatics? How can we charge objects?

posted Feb 16, 2018, 3:54 PM by Barbara Fortunato   [ updated Feb 25, 2018, 3:16 PM ]
5: W 2/21 (lessons out of order, scroll down for Th 2/22), 7: F 2/23

Today, each lab group will construct and refine their models for how an electroscope works. We will talk about scientists’ explanation of electrostatics. We will review vocabulary that we will be using throughout our study of electricity.  Then, we will try to explain the different methods of charging objects by refining and expanding on the information from the videos last night. We will use these methods to attempt to explain what is happening inside the electroscope during the Electroscope Lab.  In groups, you will try to explain each step by drawing in positive and negative signs to indicate net positive and negative charges.  (Let's assume that plastic becomes positive and acetate becomes negative for uniformity.)

Homework: Try to draw charges into your Electroscope Lab.  Refine and edit your written model of matter to be handed in next class.   Electroscope quiz next class - Monday, February 26th rescheduled for Wednesday, February 28th.  If you want more clarity on conduction and induction, check out Dan Fullerton's video:

Conduction & Induction (Dan Fullerton)

And Forensic Physics Lab is due to Google Classroom on Monday, February 26th.  Handwritten write-up for Forensic Physics due in class Monday, February 26th.  Forensic Physics Lab Quiz on Wednesday, February 28th.  Written model of matter is due on Wednesday, February 28th.