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How can we describe electrostatics? How can we charge objects?

posted Mar 23, 2020, 6:49 AM by Barbara Fortunato   [ updated Mar 23, 2020, 7:02 AM ]
F 3/27 (e-learning)

After making observations in the Electroscope Lab last class, you will try to construct a model of electrostatics to describe the operation.  In your written model, you should describe what you know using the words on the Electrostatics Vocabulary List (bold, highlight, or underline these words as you use them in your document).  Start this document in Google Classroom by writing about the terms with which you are already familiar.  We'll be learning about other terms in the next couple of lessons.  Your written model should start with "All matter is made of..." and then go from there.  

Today, you'll construct and refine your written models for how an electroscope works.  Then, you will try to explain the different methods of charging objects by refining and expanding on the information from the videos previously posted.  Include these general explanations in your written model.

Please read the resource provided below and try to finalize your written model of matter  (The Physics Classroom - Electrostatics - review lessons 1 & 2).  Remember that this is supposed to be a general statement about how charges interact in matter, not a specific explanation of how the electroscope works, so talk in general terms.  Please make sure to bold, highlight, or underline the vocabulary words from the list.  As you are writing, please keep all aspects of academic integrity in mind.  I will check your progress in writing this model within the next 24 hours.  Please make sure to have included some information about what you've learned from the posted resource.  

Resource:  The Physics Classroom - Electrostatics - review lessons 1 & 2
Homework:   Refine and edit your written model of matter to be handed in on Google Classroom and TurnItIn.com