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How are velocity vs. time graphs different than displacement vs. time graphs?

posted Sep 13, 2018, 4:59 AM by Barbara Fortunato   [ updated Sep 17, 2018, 10:31 AM ]
2: T 9/18, 5: M 9/17, 7: T 9/18

Today, in our lab groups, we'll review the Graphic Analysis of Motion WS homework.  We'll review features of position vs. time graphs and velocity vs. time graphs, and you may ask questions if you don't understand.  I will go over special aspects, especially about J-K-L and also H-I-J.  We'll talk about some advanced concepts like how to find instantaneous velocity and acceleration when the graph is curved.  We'll generate a list of phrases we can use to describe the motion given a graph.  Finally, I'll give you some time to revise your graphic organizer (homework from last night) to organize your thoughts about position vs. time and velocity vs. time graphs.  

If there's time, we will do an activity to prepare us for our first big lab.  (human ticker tape)  We may also go over Sig Figs in Measurement Worksheet if there's time.

Homework:  Quiz on Graphic Analysis of Motion on Thursday, September 20th! 

Look at the Practice - Getting graphs from TTT data.  The first page of this file depicts the motion of two different objects.  Object starts at the bottom of the page.  Your job is to write a description of the motion for each object based on your observation, write your data into the data chart, and then plot to get a displacement vs. time graph for each object.  

IMPORTANT Homework: Also, if you have a phone or iPad that can take video, clear off some space on your memory cards and bring in the USB cable which will allow you to transfer a video to the computer.   It is very slow if you try to do this over the school wi-fi, and you may not be able to finish your work in class if you do rely on wi-fi!!!   If you don't have this technology, don't worry, I'll pair you up with someone who does.  Please start bringing your devices and cables next class and for the next week.