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Can you predict the trajectory of a projectile?

posted Nov 26, 2017, 11:07 AM by Barbara Fortunato
5: W 11/29, 7: Th 11/30

Today, we’ll perform a lab where you need to predict where a ball will land when you roll it off a table.

Homework: For homework, try Chapter 3 #58, 60, 61, 65.  SolutionsIf you want more support with projectiles launched at an angle, you may watch the rest of Dan Fullerton's video on projectile motion (minute 11 until the end) and more practice problems below.  If you like his videos, search for him on YouTube ("aplusphysics") for future topics.  His "Regents Physics" series would be an appropriate level for this class.   Also dTrig Review (optional practice).

Projectile Motion (Dan Fullerton)

Angled Projectile Practice (Dan Fullerton)

Answers to evens:
58. a) 26m, b) 23 m/s, 68 degrees below horizontal
60. 1.4 degrees