What questions do you have about integrals so far?

posted Oct 19, 2017, 4:14 PM by Barbara Fortunato
2: F 10/27, 4: F 10/27

QUIZ on Static Equilibrium TODAY!

Today will serve as somewhat of a catch-up day.  Finish whatever problems you have not yet finished.  Do the homework below.  If you have already finished everything, lend a helping hand to your classmates who are catching up with the math.

Homework:  Sorry - traditional homework tonight.  Finish all required problems you did not get to in class.  It is very important that you do these required problems.  Also, make sure that you're comfortable with Example 9-14 on page 223 of your textbook.  Try recreate the solution the problem from the 3rd and 4th video from last night independently.  That means to write out your own solution without watching the video.  The problem is to find the center of mass of a non-uniform rod length L where λ = kx3.  If you get stuck, rewatch the videos:

Center of Mass Example 3, part 1 (vkiledj)

Center of Mass Example 3, part 2 (vkiledj)