Mock AP Testing Schedule

posted Mar 13, 2020, 6:15 AM by Barbara Fortunato
F 4/3 - F 5/1

For the mock exams, you'll be given the standard AP Formula Sheet to use, and you may use your cleared graphing calculator.   Each section will be 45 minutes.  

Here's the schedule:

F 4/3 - E&M Multiple Choice Mock

T 4/7 - E&M Free Response Questions Mock 

TBD - Test Corrections - Mock E&M

Th 4/23 - Mechanics Free Response Questions Mock 

M 4/27 - Mechanics Multiple Choice Mock

TBD - Test Corrections - Mock Mechanics

If you are taking the actual AP, I highly recommend doing recent tests from AP Central, as the test was changed in 2011.  Otherwise, practice any questions that you can find.