How do you solve problems involving rotational kinematics?

posted Oct 21, 2018, 12:51 PM by Barbara Fortunato
M 10/29

QUIZ on Static Equilibrium TODAY!

Then, we'll do problems from Chapter 10 which will allow you to practice applying the rotational kinematics formulas.  

Required:  4, 9, 10, 12, 15, 16, 17, 18

Use the notes you took on the video you saw last night.  If you finish early, start watching the many videos for tonight's homework.
Answers to textbook problems:  (4) 7.0rad/s2, (9) 262rad/s, 46m/s, 12000m/s2, (10) 1.9m/s, 3.0m/s2, (12) 60m, (15) 0.58rad/s2, 12s, (16) (a) 6rad/s-16rad/s2 t+18rad/s4 t3, (b) -16rad/s2 +54rad/s4 t2, (c) 440rad/s, 470rad/s2, (d) 260rad/s, (e) 330rad/s2, (17) (a) 1.67rad/s4 t3 - 1.75rad/s3 t2, (b) 0.418rad/s4 - 0.583rad/s3 t3, (c) 6.4rad/s, 2.0rad, (18) -1.6rad/s2, 23s.
 Watch the following videos on center of mass.  Although there are quite a few videos, each one is not very long.

Center of Mass (Bozeman Science)

Center of Mass (by Tanishq A)

Center of Mass Trajectory (MIT Physics Demo)

An athlete uses physics to shatter world records (TED-Ed)

Homework:  If you can get ahead, it'd be great!  Watch the following 2 videos on finding the center of mass of an object.  The first video shows you the theory on finding the center of mass.  The second video shows you how to find the center of mass of an object using the summation.  The third and fourth videos show you how to use the integral to find the center of mass.  Sorry for the long homework.  We need this information for next week.    

Center of Mass Theory (vkiledj)

Center of Mass with Summation ‎(vkiledj)‎