How do you solve problems involving capacitors?

posted Jan 6, 2018, 12:11 PM by Barbara Fortunato   [ updated Jan 13, 2018, 12:47 PM ]
2: T 1/16, 4: W 1/17
If you did not finish the Mystery Capacitor Lab, we'll start with that.  Then we'll do this problem to check for our understanding.
    Required:  2007E1 

Once you're done with the lab, we'll work on a few AP problems involving RC circuits.  These are learning problems, so we will be learning and deepening our understanding of capacitors while we do problems.
    Required:  Chapter 26, #41-43, 2007E1, 2006E2, 1996E22010E2
If you need support, watch these three videos on how to solve RC circuits immediately after the switch is closed and then a long time later.  

Example 1 - RC Circuit (Mrs. Twu)

Example 2 - RC CIrcuit (Mrs. Twu)

Example 3 - RC Circuit (Mrs. Twu)

Remember that an uncharged capacitor acts like a wire and a fully charged capacitor acts like an open circuit.  Then think about using Kirchhoff's Loop Rule to solve the rest.

Homework:  Finish at least 4 of the problems from today's post.  Mystery Capacitor Lab also due next class.  If you still don't know what the time constant "RC" is, look it up!  It's important!  Rewatch Jon's video on charging and discharging capacitors if you feel like you need to.

Watch the video on Dielectrics in Capacitors below, and go back to all the problems which asked about dielectrics and try to complete those.  

Dielectrics in Capacitors