How do you carry out the best investigation to find the moment of inertia?

posted Oct 29, 2017, 5:14 AM by Barbara Fortunato
2: M 11/6, 4: T 11/7

Daily Quiz:  Lab prediction.

Today, you'll focus on collaboratively carrying out the investigation to find the moment of inertia of the PVC-T.  You may have to perform your experiment several times to engineer the best possible set-up to get good data.  Your goal is to get a great graph or two.  Print these out so that we can work with them next time.

Homework:  [Period 2 - see last homework from last lesson.  Then...] Think of or research 4 different situations/examples (one per lab group member) in which moment of inertia is important in the real world.  If you did not print out your graphs in class, make sure you do so at home.  You must have your graphs printed by next class.   Keep working on beginning of your write-up.  Don't try to analyze your data yet; we'll be doing that next class.  But you can certainly write your intro, the set-up and procedure for your lab and applications to the real world. (After each person comes up with their own example, take the best one or two for the report.)  IMPORTANT: Read the Identify and Interpret (I2) Strategy (from BSCS) for use next class period.