How can you help your friends with E&M?

posted Mar 10, 2018, 5:29 PM by Barbara Fortunato
2: T 3/13, 4: T 3/13

We've finished all of the E&M on the AP Physics C Exam.  The only thing left is to take the mock exam at the end of April.  Today, we'll divide up the topics, and you'll collaboratively be creating review videos of each topic for your friends to watch and review.  In your video, you should briefly review the important concepts and formulas, and then work through an AP (or textbook) problem that best illustrates the concepts.  Each person in the group should take a turn talking in the video.  There is no real time requirement for the video, but I would say something around 15-20 minutes would be adequate.  Videos should be uploaded to YouTube with privacy setting "unlisted."  Then copy the URL to the Google Classroom assignment.  Video is due on Sunday, March 18th.

Here's a list of the topics:
  • Coulomb's Law & Electric Fields (including integral ∫dE, excluding Gauss's Law) []
  • Electric Potential & Potential Energy (including integral ∫dV) []
  • Conductors, Capacitors & Dielectrics (including energy stored in capacitor, excluding RC Circuits) []
  • Gauss's Law and Electric Potential Path Integral (∫E·dl) []
  • Magnetism (including permanent magnet basics and magnetic field lines, 4 RHRs) []
  • Ampere's Law []
  • Law of Biot-Savart []
  • Induction & Transformers []
  • Faraday's Law Lenz's Law []
  • RC & RL circuits (including energy in inductor) []
Homework:  Finish your video by Sunday, March 18th.  Submit to Google Classroom