How can you advise or improve a design using moment of inertia?

posted Nov 12, 2017, 7:36 AM by Barbara Fortunato
5: M 11/13 lab, 7: T 11/14 lab
Today, you'll spend the whole lab period collaboratively planning your presentation on the application of moment of inertia to a real world problem.  You'll be presenting for 5 minutes per group on Monday.  You'll be developing yourself in all of the areas of 21st Century Competencies - Effective Communicator, Collaborative Team Member, Creative & Practical Problem Solver, Flexible & Self-Directed Learner, Information Literate Researcher, and Globally Aware & Responsible Student/Citizen.  

In your presentations, you need to include:
  • how moment of inertia plays a role in your chosen sport/structure/etc.
  • what advice you'd give to improve the performance in at least two different situations (with two different players with different strengths/in two different locations with different topography/etc.).  Engineer this solution to be adaptable for the different situations.  
  • real life examples of how your advice would be implemented or already is (actual players with different strengths/actual towns or locations/etc.)
  • evidence that your advice is actually important if you can find it (what kind of equipment is used by actual players/actual equipment in towns or locations/etc.) or if you think you can give them a better suggestion 
  • how you can use what you learned in lab to engineer a mechanism to model and calculate the moment of inertia in your situation. 
Presentations will be on Monday, November 20th during 2nd hour.

Homework:  Watch the first 18 minutes of the rolling without slipping video below.  

Rolling Without Slipping