How can we calculate the electric field due to a changing magnetic flux?

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2: T 2/27, 4: W 2/28

Today, we'll do some practice problems using the "general form of Faraday's Law."
    Required:  1985E31996E31999E2

Homework:  Induction Exam Monday, March 5th!  Make sure you're caught up with all of your work.  Test corrections for both RC circuits and magnetism tests are due next week if you haven't done them already.  Watch the following videos on inductors in circuits:

The Basics of Inductance (lasseviren1)

The Basics of Inductance 2 (lasseviren1)

The following video shows the current over time in an RL circuit:

What is an inductor? (Afrotechmods)

Optionally, check out some practical stuff about inductors including what inductors do in series and in parallel.

Inductance Basics (Afrotechmods)